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Take for example the popular Monster High doll. One of these makes Barbie look like something out of the television show Honey Boo Boo.

And how do you raise a child commercial-free other than to cloister her in a convent from the time she can crawl or walk?

Besides, if there is a role model to be had for young girls it is Barbie. Sure, her dimensions defy reality. But so do the vast majority of youthful icons, both on toy store shelves and on television (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Bratz dolls, anyone?)

Truth be told, Barbie offers much in the way of inspiration to our young. Since her creation Barbie has been a nurse, an Arctic rescuer, a chef, and even an astronaut.

And yes, a swim suit model which earned her the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 swimsuit edition.

As we remember being told by the likes of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, women no longer have to be relegated to bare-foot-and-in-the-kitchen status. They can be who they want to be.

And what better way (or one of the ways) to make the point than by offering a playful and often professional role model - Barbie.

You go, girl (Scouts)!