Psychic sisters visit western Pa. homicide scene

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BLAIRSVILLE, Pa. (AP) - The April 2006 murder of Blairsville dentist John Yelenic has inspired books and television episodes since former state Trooper Kevin Foley was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison in 2009.

Now a Japanese production company is focusing on an aspect of the case - the investigative involvement of Butler sisters Suzanne and Jean Vincent, who claim psychic abilities - for a documentary television show intended for an overseas audience.

The former Yelenic home in Blairsville and other area sites were visited this month by a film crew from Japanese TV network Asahi, which plans to air the documentary under a title that loosely translates as “Scoop Video.”

“This is actually going to be Episode 1, like a pilot,” director Takuya Hara said through an interpreter. “We hope that it’s going to be popular, but we don’t know yet … It’s already picked up by a network, but we hope that it will make the series.”

Hara said the company’s research team found the story in A&E; Biography channel’s “Psychic Investigators” series, which filmed an episode about the Vincent sisters’ involvement in the Yelenic homicide investigation in spring 2009.

“Psychic Investigators” isn’t aired in Japan, Hara said, and psychic involvement in criminal investigations there is very uncommon.

“There are no official cases where they say that psychics were involved,” he said. “Because it’s so unfamiliar in Japan that psychics would be involved in criminal investigations, and also the law-enforcement side would admit it, it’s something that most Japanese people don’t know about. That’s why we want to do a story on that.”

The film crew interviewed the Vincent sisters, as well as law-enforcement officers involved in the investigation and Yelenic’s neighbor, Melissa Uss.

Uss initially requested the sisters’ help after meeting them at a “psychic tea party” in Indiana hosted by a family member of Donald Liscsak, whose 2005 disappearance the sisters investigated.

The Vincent sisters told Donald’s mother, Sandra Kozar Liscsak, her son would be found dead, just off a busy street, near a tree with a split trunk, she told the Tribune-Review in 2008.

State police found Donald Liscsak dead in his sport-utility vehicle, which had crashed into a tree in the median of Route 119 in Indiana County. Passing cars did not notice the SUV, because the impact had splintered the tree’s base and knocked it over, camouflaging it from passing cars, police said.

“My mom had called me about a month after the murder, asked if I wanted to go to a psychic tea party, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’d be great, maybe that would be a way to get in contact with John to find out some answers,’” Uss told The Dispatch during filming of the “Psychic Investigators” episode.

At the tea party, the sisters say they immediately sensed a “grief cloud” around Uss.

The sisters’ spirit guides and Yelenic’s spirit “showed us visual pictures of (Uss‘) sons finding a body,” Suzanne said. She said that, during the sisters’ psychic reading, Uss asked, “‘Well, who do you think did it?’ And right away the spirit guide yelled out to us, ‘Law enforcement.’”

The Vincent sisters said they volunteer their psychic investigative services to assist in cases involving homicides or missing persons, but the investigations are so mentally and physically taxing that they can only focus on a few cases at a time.

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