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Gorgeous comic-book illustrations, which seem plucked from a Marvel Knights issue, float across the screen to help explain plot.

It looks so authentic that any moment in the action could be clipped as a comic-book panel with even special effects onomatopoeias (“FWOOM” and “KA-BOOM” to name a few that Stan Lee would be proud of) popping up as they Captain delivers the hurt.

In fact, although optimized for the iPhone 5, its cell-shaded, comic-book style graphics demand scrutiny to appreciate the detail. An iPad 3 with retina display using its latest operating system was my choice and gave this old man’s peepers a thrill.

However, despite some spectacular visuals and action, one big drawback (much more annoying than the in-app purchase or the supposed online multiplayer that is basically a “roll the dice,” blind-luck simulation) is the inability to play Captain America: The Winter Soldier unless you are connected to the Internet.

This is not a welcomed shift in mobile gaming strategy and makes paying for the title with this restriction nearly ridiculous.