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The original flag raised Sept. 14, 1814, inspired Francis Scott Key to write what became “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The flag used Saturday was carried onto the court by volunteers donning replica military uniforms from that period, and the fife and drum corps played.

Reproduction instruments are meticulously made like the originals from the hickory wood used in the drums to the special key of “C” in the fifes.

- Stephen Hawkins -


The question was for any of the five freshmen sitting alongside Kentucky coach John Calipari, which gave all of them the opportunity to zone out.

James Young was the unlucky one asked to answer.

“I didn’t really hear it. Can you repeat it?” Young said sheepishly as laughter broke out in the large interview room at the Final Four.

Calipari, who has taken aim at the “they are no longer freshmen” cliche, couldn’t resist the chance to emphasize his point. “You think they’re no longer freshmen?” Calipari asked, smiling as the laughter continued. “That’s what you’re going to say to me?”

Then Calipari, the leading coach of “one and done” players who leave for the NBA after their freshmen seasons, interrupted the first attempt to repeat the question by noting that the scene was similar to his timeouts, bringing more laughter.

The start of Young’s answer once the question was repeated? “I think it’s really just focus.”

- Schuyler Dixon -


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