- - Monday, April 7, 2014


Columnist John J. Tkacik is absolutely correct when he writes that “most Taiwanese see the [proposed trade-in-services pact with the People's Republic of China] as a strategic move on the way to Taiwan’s political union with its biggest economic counterpart” (“Taiwan struggles in China’s trade grip,” Web, April 1).

A $200,000 investment can bring in 21 immigrants from China. Within five or six years, a large number of Chinese would have had an impact on Taiwanese job opportunities and freedom of speech, and they would ultimately influence Taiwan’s elections.

In other words, through the trade pact, China would be able to accelerate its silent annexation of Taiwan. Taiwan would not only lose her economic security, but also her hard-earned democracy.

Thus the students’ courageous action is to save the democratic Taiwan from falling into communist China’s hands. I hope the world will speak up to support Taiwan’s Sunflower student movement.


Past president,

North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association

Vancouver, Wash.



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