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Far more complicated is why the liberal, “mainstream” press has legitimized Mr. Sharpton despite the damage he does to their credibility. Do these people simply think this is how “black” people behave?

How does a network such as MSNBC give a prime time show to a guy who struggles through the teleprompter like a grade schooler learning to read a Dr. Seuss book? Do MSNBC executives just think that is how “black” people read? Perhaps they should try getting to know a few more “black” people.

Mr. Sharpton responded to the blockbuster revelations with his typical flair and obfuscation, insisting he should be thrown a ticker-tape parade for combating crime in New York City.

“I think it was very interesting that many of us are condemned for not fighting crime and now we’re condemned for fighting crime,” he said Tuesday. “It is interesting to me, as we deal with the whole criminalization of many in our community, that the premise of a lot of this media is that I should have been with the mob rather than with the government.”

It is a fair point, Mr. Sharpton. And the answer is that you are the one who chose to devote your life to vilifying the government, police and authority in general as a bunch of hateful, white rapists out to destroy blacks and the poor.

Now we come to find out you were in cahoots with whitey all along. So, no longer are you just a low-down, two-bit huckster. You are a lying, cheating, double-crossing low-down, two-bit huckster.

And like the great American entrepreneur we now know you are, Mr. Sharpton, you were shaking them down on both sides of the street every step of the way.

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