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Through three days of defense-led testimony from Pistorius, he painted an image of himself as a committed athlete and religious man who sometimes felt fearful and vulnerable to crime and was therefore extra-careful. Nel immediately attacked that image and was granted permission by the judge to show a video where Pistorius was shown shooting a watermelon at a gun range with a powerful handgun and then saying, after howls of laughter from people with him, that the gun was a “zombie stopper” and the watermelon was “softer than brains.” Nel said Steenkamp’s head “exploded” just like the watermelon.



Nel repeatedly said that Pistorius had some of his answers pre-planned and ready, and wasn’t answering the specific questions the prosecutor was asking. Nel also asked the runner if his overall account was from his own memory or a “reconstruction” with the help of lawyers.

“You’ve got long arguments, long answers,” Nel said to Pistorius, suggesting his testimony was overly-coached by his legal team.

“I can’t change the truth,” Pistorius responded.


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