- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s admitted crack cocaine use has spurred the creation of a video game that lets players dabble in the political world while picking up marijuana leafs and crack pipes — a so-dubbed “Crackathon” experience that’s taken the Internet gaming world by storm.

The game even includes real audio clips of Mr. Ford during his many press conferences and interviews, United Press International reported. The clips range from Mr. Ford saying, “I did absolutely nothing wrong,” to admitting that he possibly smoked crack but “probably in one of my drunken stupors.”

And the goal of the game?

That’s to collect as many “party points” as possible, while keeping the game version of Mr. Ford from hitting zero on the “public opinion” line, UPI said.

So far, gamers’ reactions are positive.

“Forget Working today! Play the Rob Ford Video game!” said Chris Palliser on Twitter.

Another tweet: “Someone has spent a lot of time making a #RobFord video game, and you will spend lots of time playing it.”

Meanwhile, game co-creator, University of Waterloo engineering student Nick Mostowich, said on on a blog at Reddit that he and his partner Chris Ngan are working to fix any glitches that have surfaced in recent days.

“There are bugs, and it’s not polished,” Mr. Mostowich wrote. “Particularly if screen sizes are small, you can spawn off the map. I’ll fix it if I have time after work … Cheers and happy cracking!”

Gamers lose when they receive a message: “YOU ARE IMPEACHED,” UPI reported.



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