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They sent more than 4,000 U.S. troops to die. Tens of thousands more to be gravely wounded. Many thousands more Iraqi men, women and children to be killed. All for a war that they didn’t really believe in. A war that — even from the gilded and polished safety of their Senate desks — they did not have the stomach for.

As devastating as all this says about Mrs. Clinton’s principles, integrity and judgment, there is actually someone for whom all of this amounts to an even greater indictment.

Mr. Obama picked Mrs. Clinton as his first secretary of state. He picked John Kerry as her successor. He picked Joe Biden as his vice president. And he picked Chuck Hagel as his second-term secretary of defense.

What do Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Biden and Mr. Hagel all have in common? They were each in the United States Senate, serving on crucial committees, during the Iraq War.

Each of them cavalierly voted to send our troops to war when it was politically popular. Each later abandoned our troops on the field, either voting against the surge or condemning the president over his plan to send in reinforcements.

Is it any wonder the world is on fire?

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