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Selling a house can take longer. But just 16 weeks after TMZ published V. Stiviano’s recording of Donald Sterling’s inflammatory screed, the NBA sold the Clippers for a whopping $2 billion. With new owner Steve Ballmer in place, coach Doc Rivers can forget about leaving, guard Chris Paul can forget about sitting and everyone can forget about Sterling.

His reign was more than a blip but it ended in a flash.

• Why more joint practices can’t be the norm.

Washington-New England was a blast, way more than the meaningless game that followed (Tom Brady sat out; RG3 played one series). Ravens-49ers was in Maryland and will be in California next year. Thirteen teams engaged in joint practices this summer, with the Pats, Texans and Falcons doing two. We’re talking stars, starters, 11-on-11 … everything but all-out tackling.

That’s better than exhibitions where 41 percent of the players won’t make the roster.

• How the Nats have thrived despite so many injuries.

The Opening Day regular lineup has been intact just 18 times this season. Ryan Zimmerman and Wilson Ramos have missed more than half the games, Bryce Harper slightly less than half. Worse, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez have been less than their usual, stellar selves, making the fifth starter — who wasn’t a lock for the team — even more important. Whatever.

None of it adds up but the answer is first place.

• Why Tiger is still a possibility for the Ryder Cup.

Fifty-three weeks have passed since injury-wracked Woods won a tournament; he has completed 72 holes only thrice this year. But U.S. captain Tom Watson is unconvinced. “He is Tiger Woods and he brings a lot to the team, if he has the ability to play and he’s healthy,” Watson told reporters Monday. “I’d be a fool not to consider him.”

With all due respect, Watson would be a fool to include him.

• How a high outweighs the chance of a four-game suspension.

Orlando Scandrick’s recreational drug use while vacationing will cost the Cowboys cornerback more than $1 million in lost salary. “In no way, form or shape was this trying to gain a competitive edge,” he told reporters Tuesday. “I made a mistake.” Unlike rappers who can use all the MDMA they want, athletes risk more than their health when using street drugs.

Like unprotected romps on one-night hookups, “Molly” isn’t worth the risk.

• Why Kevin Anderson passed on James Franklin.

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