- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 14, 2014

AtheistTV has made its debut as a streaming channel — and even those without faith say it’s a bit much to stomach.

“After watching four hours of its programming and even despite my own lack of religious belief, I find it hard to imagine that even a casual nonbeliever would tune in, let along someone on the fence about the existence of a higher power,” said Salon writer Daniel D'Addario, Breitbart reported.

He said the channel “adheres to nasty stereotypes about atheism — smugness, gleeful disregard for others’ beliefs — to a degree that’s close to unwatchable,” Breitbart reported.

Mr. D'Addario referred to one call-in show on the channel as particularly stereotypical and difficult to watch.

“AthiestTV frames atheism as perpetual reaction against a conquering force,” he said, Breitbart reported. “And that reaction isn’t reasoned debate. It’s unattractive nihilism. … Beyond the catharsis of mockery, what can AtheistTV offer? What alternative does it provide?”



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