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In light of this, the professor’s dismissal “looks quite artificial, there really seem to be no reasons,” Obidzinska continued.

“The baby was born, the woman is healthy,” and although the baby died as expected a few days after birth, “Professor Chazan actually offered the woman full care in a special unit of the clinic with hospice and with special psychological care for her and for her husband, so she was not just left alone with the problem.”

Referring to how Chazan is being called a “hypocrite” by some due to a previous change in his stance on abortion, Obidzinska noted that “the hypocrisy of those criticizing Dr. Chazan is awful because he has been a well-known doctor for saving lives for at least 15 years now.”

“People, women in Warsaw know that if they want an abortion they simply don’t go to him. This is common knowledge as well,” she said.

“He is famous for doing extraordinary things in order to save life, and he’s also known and famous for having saved life where other doctors had thought that pregnancies would naturally end in tragedy,” the media representative observed.

“He did save lots and lots of babies. If someone goes to ask him for an abortion that sounds like a provocation. I can’t believe that the woman wouldn’t know he would refuse.”