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A big return or two in the last two preseason games could burnish his resume.

“I’ve been dreaming since I was little just to break a long one and hear the crowd yell,” Burse said. “It’s always been a dream. But it’ll come. I’m not in a rush. … I’ll break one sooner or later.”

He might not have the luxury of waiting any longer to make a big impression, although he insists a big return isn’t necessary for him to make the team.

“I feel like it’s important but I feel like they know I can do that,” Burse said. “And what I think about doing is just taking care of the ball. The returns will come but if the offense is on the field the next play you did your job. That’s how I look at it.

“Every special teams meeting Coach (Jeff) Rodgers starts off the meeting saying, ‘Hey, Burse, what’s the most important thing in our return game?’ Just get the ball back to our offense.”


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