- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If Massachusetts Democrats had their way, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be the candidate for president in 2016 — not their hometown Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

That’s according to a poll from Suffolk University and the Boston Herald, which reports Mrs. Clinton holds a 38 percentage point advantage over Ms. Warren for the White House slot — a 55 percent to 17 percent lead, The Hill reported.

National polls have consistently placed Mrs. Clinton above Ms. Warren in a White House match-up. But Ms. Warren is hardly as well-known as Mrs. Clinton, and speculation was that the freshman senator could perhaps carry her own state of Massachusetts in the higher race.

But Democratic voters still went with Mrs. Clinton — though Ms. Warren won in the favorability factor. The Hill reported 77 percent gave favorable ratings to Mrs. Clinton and 81 percent for Ms. Warren.

Ms. Warren has been well-talked about as a potential candidate for president, but she insists she’s not running for the seat.



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