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Moses has always had a passion for kids. His father speculates that it may spring from the fact that Morgan is just a big kid himself, but whatever the source the love is there and it is genuine.

When the Redskins had an off day during training camp, Moses was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Richmond Flying Squirrels game. While at the game he encountered a family who wanted him to take a picture with their three-year-old son who is battling cancer. Moses spent 20 minutes talking to the young man and his family and invited them as his guests to training camp the next day. When the family showed up at practice Moses put everything on hold and spent the better part of an hour simply playing with the little boy.

Morgan’s sister Tamiya said that it’s just how they were raised.

“We were always raised to make sure that, when you meet somebody, make sure that you leave an impact on their life in a positive way,” said Tamiya. “So when you see somebody in need, even if it’s your last, you need to give it because the blessing will come back to you tenfold.”

It is easy to see that Moses has carried that lesson with him throughout his football journey. No matter what obstacle he faced or how his life changed for better or worse, he always kept his priorities straight.

His faith and his value system have carried him through trials and successes and he has never lost sight of what matters. Whether he is playing catch with a young cancer patient, spending time with his family or protecting his quarterback, he pours himself wholly into what he loves.

Morgan knew he was blessed with a gift to play football,” said West. “He knew that if he did what was asked of him that he would succeed. He put God first in everything that he did and that was one of the things I appreciated the most about him.”

Moses is a soft-spoken giant, a man who loves God and his family and finds joy in music and playing with children. He is also an NFL tackle with a promising career ahead of him. Morgan Moses is many things, but most of all he is gentle — unless you’re trying to sack his quarterback.

Morgan’s just a loveable guy,” said Morris Jr. “Coming from where we come from being motivated to make the best out of any situation as a brother I’m proud of him.”