- The Washington Times - Monday, August 4, 2014


The Washington Free Beacon has shed its privately owned non-profit status and gone over to the free market, the news organization announced Monday. Founded in 2012, the precise and often lethal collection of investigative journalists began as a project of the Center for American Freedom, targeting the realms of public policy, government affairs, international security, and errant media.

Now there will be investors and advertisers for the newly realized for-profit journalistic enterprise.

Chairman Michael Goldfarb and editor in chief Matthew Continetti vow that advertising and will never become an intrusion or distraction for readers. Their original mission to provide the public with much needed “combat journalism” is intact.

“We have been devoted to producing high quality, hard hitting investigation journalism. Becoming for-profit allows us to be more effective. We also hope to expand, and we intend to be fully credentialed by the Senate Press Gallery and the White House,” Mr Continetti said in an interview.

“You have to remember that people on the Left believe journalism is a form of political warfare, and they target Republican donors in particular, seeking to frighten them away from supporting conservative causes,” Mr. Continetti continued. “We have always thought someone should reverse this idea - and go after liberal donors. And that’s why we call it combat journalism.”

But there’s more. The Center for American Freedom itself has been renamed and reconfigured as the Center for American Opportunity, which will include a news platform showcasing stories of “success, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving” in America.

“The mission of the Free Beacon remains the same. To uncover the hypocrisies, scandals, and insipid politics of the nation’s capital through tough and original reporting. We call it combat journalism. And we’re loaded for bear,” say chairman and editor in a strategy statement.



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