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As a result of that attack, Mr. Clinton, in what only Democrats would consider a manly show of force, ordered cruise missiles to attack empty tents and he bombed an aspirin factory.

Today, Mr. Obama has the Islamists quaking in their mom jeans.

Actually they are laughing at Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly supported Islamists everywhere. He helped run arms into Syria and still the Islamists hate him. If Mr. Obama had his way, the American military would have become ISIS’s air force. Fortunately real Americans raised such a stink about American intervention in Syria, that even Mr. Obama could not ignore it.

Mr. Obama’s favorite team, the one that is against America and the west, has swept through Syrian and Iraq and is now setting up a modern day, 7th century nightmare. This nightmare is complete with ethnic cleansing, the genocide of Christians and Sharia law.

When Mr. Obama could no longer ignore the collapse of Iraq, a nation that only a couple of years ago he called “stable,” he ordered a couple of F/A 18’s to drop a couple of bombs.


This is only slightly more effective than Mr. Clinton bombing an aspirin factory.

Once again, America watches Mr. Obama’s shadow theater. He is going to make a nominal show of force, and as soon as this story fades from the headlines do nothing else and allow the Islamists to take control of a large part of the Middle East.

Mr. Obama will do nothing and the evil of radical Islamism will continue to spread.

Members of the ISIS taunted Mr. Obama and America on social media with images of 9/11.

The real tragedy is we could prevent the next 9/11 now but Mr. Obama won’t do it.

He’s cheering for the other side.