- - Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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It’s amnesty versus a government shutdown.
It guaranteed trouble when Congress only approved federal spending until December 11th.
Without money, there’s a so-called government shutdown, although essential services stay open.
The most controversial expense is the huge cost of President Obama’s amnesty plan. It also means that those illegals could take jobs away from Americans. Obama claims he doesn’t need money from Congress, but can pay for it by charging fees for amnesty. But that’s bunk: The Constitution (Article 1, Sec. 9) says Congress must approve all spending. That includes fee revenue as well as tax money.
Democrats control the Senate until January and will help Obama. So it’s gut check time for House Republicans. Are they willing to take a pounding from liberal media, in order to block money from Obama’s amnesty plan?
Courage is scarce in Washington. If Republicans won’t stand up and fight now, then they never will.





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