- The Washington Times - Monday, December 22, 2014

A Chinese military plane crashed near the city of Weinan, about 600 miles outside Beijing, killing at least two.

The deaths were reported by a news website in China, the Huashang Het, which cited witnesses, The Washington Post reported.

But attempts to confirm the deaths with the local fire department, which sent 10 trucks to the crash scene, were unsuccessful, The Post said.

The news website did show several pictures of the smoking plane debris, as well as one that included the tail of the craft with the plainly visible marking of the “People’s Liberation Army” in a farm field.

The Huashang Het site, operated by the Huashang Media Group — a major news publisher in the western city of Xi’an — also said the plane wreckage spanned 1,500 feet, The Post reported.

It’s not clear from the website who was reportedly killed — whether they were pilots or passengers. It’s also not clear why the plane crashed.



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