- Associated Press - Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here’s a look at some legislation that died in the recent lame-duck period and must be reintroduced in the Republican-controlled Legislature’s next two-year session:

- Updating Michigan’s civil rights law to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Also dead is a state version of a federal “religious freedom” law designed to give more legal protections to people accused of discrimination but who say their religious beliefs conflict.

- Creating a presumption that certain inmates be released after serving their minimum sentence and making other changes to the parole and probation system to save money and reduce recidivism. Lawmakers did vote to re-establish a sentencing guidelines commission to make policy recommendations to the Legislature and governor.

- Forming a new statewide evaluation system for public school teachers and administrators, as called for under a 2011 teacher tenure law.

- Ending Michigan’s winner-take-all presidential elections in favor of dividing electoral votes proportionally.

- Setting the 2016 presidential primary election date. The state Republican Party wants March 15 but some Republicans apparently disagree; Democrats haven’t decided whether to participate in the primary or to have a caucus.

- Fashioning an “early-warning” system so the state can intervene in financially distressed schools districts.

- Updating a law that governs how children should be buckled up in cars, partly to ensure infants and toddlers are in rear-facing seats for the proper length of time.

- Easing the ability of taxi alternatives Uber and Lyft to expand into Michigan under statewide regulations instead of local rules.

- Changing the definition of renewable energy to count electricity generated by more items burned by incinerators.

- Repealing a ban against scalping tickets to games, concerts and other entertainment events.

- Letting nurse practitioners and other nurses with advanced training practice without oversight by physicians and prescribe drugs.

- Overhauling the auto insurance law by cutting premiums and curtailing unlimited medical benefits for people catastrophically injured in crashes.

- Making it a criminal act to pressure a woman into having an abortion.

- Prohibiting “community benefits” ordinances by which local governments require developers to pay certain wages or hire certain contractors in exchange for economic development incentives. The bill also would block local paid or unpaid sick leave requirements.

- Legalizing medical marijuana products that are alternatives to smoking pot and legalizing businesses that dispense marijuana to patients.



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