- - Thursday, December 25, 2014

Deanna Deeter, a Navy lieutenant junior grade deployed this Christmas aboard the USS Sampson, won the first annual Washington Times Operations Season’s Greetings grand prize for active-duty military: a Lenovo laptop emblazoned with the official logo of “Redskins Salute,” the NFL team’s program honoring and assisting America’s active-duty service members.

Lt. (j.g.) Deeter works as the auxiliaries officer aboard the Sampson.

“My division works hard to maintain the air conditioning units, galley equipment, refrigerators, freezers, potable water system and other hydraulic systems onboard,” she told The Times in an email.

She also is married to a naval officer, Lt. (j.g.) Thomas Deeter, who also is deployed this Christmas as the assistant chief engineer aboard the USS Preble.

“I miss him very much, especially since we spent our first Thanksgiving and Christmas apart this year,” she wrote.

Operation Season’s Greetings was a special project of The Times and Redskins Salute.

The project allowed Americans to come to The Times website, watch video messages from deployed service members, sign a greeting card thanking the armed services, nominate an active-duty service member for the Lenovo laptop prize provided by the Redskins and watch videos from Redskins players and cheerleaders expressing their thanks for our troops, sailors, Marines and airmen deployed this Christmas.



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