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“All the new things, I try to invest into them,” said Horn, who has a cellphone but prefers his landline. “I read a lot about them. I keep pretty current.”

He said he’s seen some drastic changes in the world but always just took them in as they came.

“You hardly notice it. You’re going with it as it goes and it seems like normal,” he said. “You can look back and see what’s happened way back when up to now.”

Horn makes a point to stay active and busy, leaving his house on an almost daily basis. In fact, he just renewed his driver’s license.

“I’m good for three more years,” he said. “My daughter, she said you can’t keep me home.”

One of his friends, Jeffersonville resident and fellow parishioner at St. Augustine Judy Storz, said his attitude about life and growing old is an one to aspire to.

“I talk to him about living a long time and he said, ‘Stay busy,’” Storz said. “And he’s always done that.”

She said Horn has been a behind-the-scenes man at church, always wanting to help those around him.

“He’s a very warm person,” she said. “He’s always interested in what’s going on, and he’s always trying to do something for someone.”

Storz said Horn takes every day as it comes, never dwelling on times bygone.

He never laments the way things used to be,” she said. “All the changes he’s seen … he’s been able to cope and adjust to it. It’s just marvelous.”

Horn’s wisdom about life and living over the years reflects just that:

“Just enjoy every day of life. That’s all you have to do,” he said. “Don’t worry about tomorrow - it’ll take care of itself.”


Information from: News and Tribune, Jeffersonville, Ind.,