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Idaho currently has the highest share of workers per capita earning the minimum wage in the U.S., according to a federal report.

Additionally, Stennett says, 80 percent of minimum wage workers are older than 20, with an average age of 35, and more than half of them are full-time employees. They are not just part-time workers and teenagers looking for extra spending money, she said.

“The current minimum wage in Idaho is about half the amount it takes to meet the basic needs of one adult,” she said. “A growing number of people have to work almost two full-time jobs at minimum wage just to meet their basic needs.”

Her plan would put Idaho in line with some of the state’s neighbors: Washington has the nation’s highest hourly wage at $9.32 , and workers in Oregon started making $9.10 this year.

The bill is now headed for a discussion by the full committee, but even those who voted to consider it suggested that’s the limit of their support.

Davis said he voted to hold a public hearing only out of respect for Stennett, the Democrats’ leader.