Twins GM Ryan says he has treatable cancer

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Ryan’s primary concern, his colleagues said, was with his wife and adult children and how they would take the news.

“But beyond that, he took it really well,” Eyunni said. “He says, ‘Doc, let’s move on. I want to get this done.’”

Ryan initially became general manager in 1994, stepping down 13 years later, citing burnout. After serving as a special assistant to general manager Bill Smith for four seasons, Smith was reassigned, and Ryan reassumed the job in 2011.

In his statement, Ryan expressed confidence in Gardenhire, Antony and the rest of the baseball operations department to keep the Twins on the right track.

“I met with Terry last week when he told all of us what was going on, and I started asking him questions about how he wanted me to handle this and that, and he just looked at me and basically said, ‘You’ve been around here long enough. You’ve been in all these meetings. You know what goes on in spring training. Just go down and do your thing,’” Antony said. “He said, ‘You know what you’re doing.’ So that felt good.”

In addition to vice president of player personnel Mike Radcliff, a member of the organization since 1987, special assistants Smith and Wayne Krivsky and have each previously been major league general managers, Krivsky with Cincinnati.

For now, there’s no plan on when or how much to consult with Ryan regarding general operations and key decisions. Antony told Ryan to call him when he feels good enough to participate. The Twins start spring training in Fort Myers, Fla., next week.

“All I want to hear is the call that he says he had his checkup and the thing is completely gone and now he can start getting back to a normal routine and life, and whether that comes in March or April or whatever, it doesn’t matter,” Antony said. “It’s the end result more than anything.”

He added: “There comes a time you need to put your family and your personal health and everything in front of your job and the game, and he’s a smart enough guy to know that this is the time to do that right now.”


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