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She meanwhile struggled to gain political traction in Wyoming. Her supporters included a handful of long-time friends of the Cheney family but the vast majority of Wyoming’s state legislators and other elected officials sided with Enzi.

Enzi spokeswoman Kristin Walker declined to comment on Cheney’s finances. Neither Cheney nor Ahern has said what Cheney intends to do with her remaining campaign funds.

Federal law prohibits leftover campaign cash from being used in any way not permitted during an active campaign. However, Cheney could choose to donate her money to other candidates and political action committees within the permissible limits.

Enzi is left with a huge sum to wield against his remaining challengers.

They include Charlie Hardy, a former priest, and Rex Wilde, who works for a road contracting company. Both are Democrats from Cheyenne. Republican Thomas Bleming, a self-described soldier of fortune from Lusk, also is running.


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