- Associated Press - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recent editorials from Florida newspapers:

Feb. 11

Tampa (Fla.) Tribune on state ban on Cuban research making no sense:

Florida is the only state in the nation that prohibits its university professors and students from collaborating with researchers and educators in Cuba.

The destructive law hurts Florida’s scientists without penalizing Cuba.

As the Tribune’s Paul Guzzo reports, a Florida Senate bill adopted in 2006 forbids the use of any money connected to a state university to be used for travel to nations on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, which includes Cuba.

The island nation is a socialist dictatorship but hardly a serious threat to the United States.

Yet the legislation treats the neighboring nation as though this were the Cold War era.

The law doesn’t just handicap researchers. It also prevents Florida students from pursuing education opportunities in Cuba. Students from across the nation - or those from private institutions - can participate in studies in Cuba. Only students at Florida’s schools are kept from interacting with Cubans.

This punishes Floridians, not the Cuban government.

Lawmakers should revisit the issue and see that Florida’s sanctions against the free exchange of ideas and research is a policy more appropriate for a totalitarian state, not a democracy.




Feb. 10

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