- - Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Your Jan. 30 editorial “Turbans, tattoos and beards in the military” was an insult to the service of thousands of turbaned and bearded Sikhs who fought and died in defense of freedom during both world wars, and to observant Sikh Americans, such as Maj. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, who wish to continue this distinguished tradition of U.S. military service while practicing their faith.

Maj. Kalsi received a Bronze Star for saving the lives of his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. He has complied with safety requirements relating to helmets and gas masks, and performed his military duties with excellence.

Religion builds inner strength and discipline. If a service member such as Maj. Kalsi can advance our military’s mission, that individual should be allowed to serve our nation while serving God.


Director of law and policy

The Sikh Coalition




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