- Associated Press - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recent editorials from Mississippi newspapers:

Feb. 5

Sun Herald, Biloxi, Miss., on piecemeal accountability requiring annual audits:

Legislation is moving through the state Senate that will “cut wasteful spending while ensuring taxpayers can see what their government is doing,” according to Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.

While these are, as Reeves calls them, “good-government bills,” they are not good enough.

They are steps in the right direction, but they fall far short of ensuring that taxpayers can really “see what their government is doing.”

According to a press release issued by Reeves: “Senate Bill 2579 reorganizes the Department of Marine Resources and requires an annual audit of the agency. The bill also creates a chief financial officer at the agency and a legislative oversight committee to review fiscal decisions of the Commission of Marine Resources.”

This is long overdue.

When it was revealed that the DMR had operated for a decade without undergoing a comprehensive financial audit, officials and taxpayers alike were stunned.

But instead of singling out the DMR, the Legislature should require that each and every agency of state government conduct an annual audit at its own expense.

Then taxpayers could actually “see what their government is doing.”

There is no excuse for the Legislature to timidly inch toward a full accounting of how tax money is spent year in and year out by every aspect of state government.

Every tax dollar spent by every public agency should be audited every year.

Forget the inches. It is time to go for the whole nine yards.


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