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On the Yolo, he tucked his hands together to generate torque, then waved one like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. The form looked good during his three seconds in the air. The landing ended his chances, and whatever small chance he had of winning a wrong-colored medal were wiped away when his knees buckled and nearly hit the snow on the final jump.

When the fourth-place score, a 90.25, came up, he broke into a knowing smile. He gave Podladtchikov a big hug and fatherly mussed his hair. He told him he was happy for him. But the champion had only himself to blame.

”I had a specific run I wanted to land and I didn’t put it down,” White said. “It’s one of the most frustrating things for me. If I land my run and I’m beaten, I’m OK with that. I didn’t get that chance tonight, and it happens.”