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Now there’s a fuzzy line between prurience and pornography, self-love and loving another, between being edgy and falling off the edge.

We once laughed at the Hollywood movie code, which required one participant in a horizontal love scene to keep one foot firmly on the floor. Pretzel positions produced lots of slapstick humor.

Today, the movie “Her” reduces a “love affair” to a man and a sexy voice in his laptop. This is not such a far-fetched scenario. Some millennials crave the passion of an Internet commitment without sex. Technology redecorates the romantic landscape.

In rebellion against loveless “hookups,” some cautious college students seek sexless “soul mate” commitments. Estrangement can happen online, too.

When cyber-intimacy bytes the dust, a lover’s quest hits a dead end, courtship disconnects, and mating is again at the mercy of a heartless search engine. Dare we ask: “What is this link called love?”

Suzanne Fields is a columnist for The Washington Times and is nationally syndicated.