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“A year of highs and lows. But her objective was the Olympics, and she did it,” said Andrea Vianello, Maze’s ski technician.

He previously worked with Gisin and declared: “For me, it’s like winning twice.”

Because she was one of the first skiers, Gisin sat in the leader’s box for what must have seemed like forever, waiting as others got their chance. Mancuso was eighth. Super-combined silver medalist Nicole Hosp of Austria was ninth. Super-combined champion Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany was 13th.

Mostly, Gisin waved and smiled for TV cameras. She also cried during a cell phone call to her grandparents, who used to take Gisin skiing as a kid.

“They did so much for me; my whole family did,” Gisin said. “This is just very nice, to share it with them.”

Gisin, 28, owns zero world championship medals. She crashed in her only 2010 Olympic race, the downhill, getting a concussion. She’s had nine — yes, nine! — knee operations, seven on the right one, and thought about leaving the sport each time.

“It’s the story of my career. Up, down, forward, backward,” Gisin said. “Every little tiny bit, I (fought) for, and it makes me proud that finally I made it to the top.”

So what if she had company?