- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let’s talk about voter sentiment as the nation dwells on romance for a few hours on Friday. Conservatives: Would you want to cozy up to a liberal this weekend? And Democrats, would you have a Republican sweetheart? Well, maybe not.

Among all American voters, 53 percent say it’s important that their romantic partners share their political views. So says a new Fox News poll of registered voters released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Some have more of that sentiment than others.

Among tea partyers, the number is 73 percent who will court only those of their own political persuasion. And among Republicans, 60 percent say politics matters in the matter of amour — compared to 51 percent of Democrats. Among conservatives, 57 percent say it’s important, along with 49 percent of liberals.

Incidentally, a majority still don’t mind being lovey-dovey on schedule: 53 percent of voters overall look forward to Valentine’s Day, compared to 46 percent who don’t.


There are similarities between the chair-throwing environs of reality TV and the hallowed halls of the U.S. Capitol says one who should know.

“The only difference between the people in Congress and the people on my show is the people in Congress have more teeth. But other than that I can’t tell the difference.”

— Talk show host Jerry Springer to Larry King, host of “Politicking” on the RT news cable network.


A phenomenon of note: In its annual “World Press Freedom Index,” Reporters Without Borders examined, well, press freedom around the planet. America was not first in line, or even 10th, or 20th.

“The U.S. during the fifth year of President Obama’s reign plummeted 13 spots to 46th in the world, right between — are you ready? — Romania and Haiti. The group based that embarrassing ranking largely on the Obama administration’s unusually determined efforts to curb dissent and plug and track down leaks,” says Investor’s Business Daily columnist Andrew Malcolm.

“Trying to gain dominance over each 24-hour news cycle, the Obama administration leaks like a sieve with the advantageous info it wants out — a new Cabinet member, EPA policy shift, some nickel-and-dime small ball gimmick Obama intends to announce,” Mr. Malcolm writes.

He goes on to point out that while “none of this is unique” to Mr. Obama, “no other administration in recent memory has gone to the lengths of this one to plug leaks, catch leakers and intimidate would-be news sources.”

Mr. Malcolm also cites another event on the horizon.

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