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All the liberal Democrats need to do these days is hurl any wild accusation — the worse the better, from their perspective — and they win debate points. The nominal media umpires are unethically in their corner, their opponents are too thick to even realize what is happening to them, and the brain-dead audience laps it up because they have been dumbed down by 40 years of educational malpractice by the liberal education establishment.

It appears as though the American masses may have become too ignorant for our nation to be able to survive, and the ease of exposing these issues, which have remained opaque to so many, confirms it.

If only Republicans and conservatives would enlighten the national audience through more adroit public interchange, there could still be some hope for the nation. The fodder I offer here could provide startup guidance or a primer. If not, maybe public talkers on the right should repeat their high school debate classes.

John F. Gaski is an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame and the author of “Frugal Cool” (Corby 2009) and “The Language of Branding” (Nova Science 2011).