- - Friday, February 14, 2014


Our politicians need to realize that having IDs is necessary in our world (Multitude at “Moral March” protest N,C. GOP policies,” Web, Feb. 8)

. Photo identification has been used for years. It is used when you buy furniture, cars, insurance and other items. It used to be used when we voted. We also need to show our IDs if stopped by law-enforcement officers.

It is not wrong to want people to have IDs, nor does requiring IDs violate anyone’s rights. In fact, it bolsters rights. Requiring that people show photo identification would cut down on voter fraud, for example.

I hope people will realize that we need to get back to showing our IDs at the polls.

Finally, if IDs are so wrong, why did they insist on protesters showing them at the so-called “Moral March” in North Carolina recently?


Sacramento, Calif.



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