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“350 pounds of toast.”

— HBO host Bill Maher’s new description of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, revealed to his audience on Friday.


“The Rise of the Global Tea Party Movement.”

That’s the title for a three-hour Breitbart News program that aired on Sirius XM radio on Sunday evening hosted by Breitbart chairman and columnist Stephen K. Bannon, CEO Larry Solov, and editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

And what they suggest: The local grass-roots movement is emerging in cosmopolitan areas like London and “threatens to topple the old political and media order.”


Yes it’s Presidents Day. But the birthday of one president in particular — George Washington — will get special ballyhoo Monday at Mount Vernon, his ancestral estate. On the hallowed but snowy grounds: a 21-gun salute, a solemn presidential wreath-laying, a snow sculpture of the Washington Monument, the presence of “General and Lady Washington” historic reenactors, a performance by the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry’s Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, remarks by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and dramatic remembrances about Washington on his 282nd birthday.

Washington, incidentally, was born at his father’s plantation on Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on Feb. 22, 1732.


“Republican fat cats” is a term that fuels the popular narrative in the mainstream news media, implying that the Grand Old Party is controlled by mysterious guys with deep pockets and nice suits. The real numbers from the Federal Election Commission, however, would dispute that, at least according to some extensive and meticulous research.

Republican donors don’t appear until No. 17 on the list of top political donors in the last 25 years, according to a new “Heavy Hitters” count from an online watchdog project by the Center for Responsive Politics.

In first place, it’s the political action committee ActBlue, which donated more than $97 million to Democratic candidates in the time period. And dispelling the GOP fat cat mythology: 13 of the top 20 donors donated to Democratic candidates, two were devoted to Republicans and five were simply “middle of the fence” who donated to both parties.


67 percent of Americans say people who think President Obama was born outside the U. S. really just “don’t like the president.”

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