- Associated Press - Sunday, February 16, 2014

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An officer who answered a shoplifting report shot and killed a 31-year-old man Sunday in the Hollygrove neighborhood, New Orleans police said.

The officer has been reassigned to desk duty, Superintendent Ronal Serpas said. That’s standard procedure after a police shooting.

Serpas said he had spoken with the man’s parents. “I made a promise to the parents, as I do to the family of the officer involved, that we will investigate this matter thoroughly and completely to get an accurate account of exactly what took place,” he said.

Serpas would not release the officer’s name.

“We know that the officer obviously perceived a threat,” he said at a news conference Sunday.

An officer generally won’t shoot without believing his or her life is in danger, the police chief said.

The man died on the scene, Police spokeswoman Remi Braden said. His name was not released.

The police chief said a loaded .45-caliber gun was found next to the body.

Serpas says that gun and the officer’s gun were taken as evidence, and both the officer who shot the man and an officer who was with him were being questioned.



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