- - Monday, February 17, 2014


Veteran comedian and pioneer of early television Sid Caesar was a genius when it came to making folks laugh (“Sid Caesar dies at 91; pioneered TV comedy in 1950s,” Web, Feb. 12), and he did so with good, clean humor.

In Caesar’s routines, there was never any of the profanity or smut that is prevalent among the material of today’s comedians. Nowadays, TV has to bleep out practically every other word in stand-up comedy.

Even so, no modern comedian is as truly gifted as was Caesar. When I was a young child, “Your Show of Shows” was one of my favorite programs.

Caesar’s death marks the end of an era. America has indeed lost one of its finest. Sid Caesar was a class act and the comic of all comics.


Clearwater, Fla.



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