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But there are intricacies to work on – holding runners, taking pickoff throws, snatching relays from outfielders from different angles and spots on the field. Zimmerman doesn’t plan on putting in “hours and hours” of work at it during spring training. He’s quietly confident in his ability to pick up those nuances. And it isn’t time for that kind of commitment. Not yet.

“[Williams] wants me to work at it because everyone, for some reason, just thinks you put someone over there and it’s an easy position, which no position on the field is easy at this level,” Zimmerman said. “Everyone just thinks that’s where they put the adult softball guy and he can play big league first base, which is not the case. I’ll work at it. He made it very clear, and I respect him for that, that he doesn’t want me to feel uncomfortable or put me in any situation to fail.”