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Also listed are Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, at $2,500, and former Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Democratic and current Chicago mayor, for $3,000.

Cornyn spokeswoman Megan Mitchell said the senator gave the money he received from Stanford to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and sent letters to federal agencies to ensure money caught up in the Stanford scheme was returned to investors.

Ms. Mitchell also said Mr. Cornyn co-sponsored a resolution calling on the Treasury secretary to “use the voice and the vote” of the U.S. to oppose World Bank or International Monetary Assistance to Antigua until its government cooperates with U.S. efforts to compensate Stanford victims.

Stanford’s fraud centered at his offshore bank in Antigua.

Still, Mr. Powers said, charitable contributions don’t do Stanford victims much good.

“For economic reasons, the receiver is not in a position to pursue litigation with every politician who received contributions from Stanford,” Mr. Powers said. “The receiver nevertheless calls on the remaining holdouts to do the right thing and to return the contributions for the benefit of the victims of the Stanford fraud.”