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Sen. Rand Paul in particular might benefit from reading what Democrats have said of Hillary and Bill. The senator’s recent remarks about Hillary and Bill had only to do with their behavior during the Monica Lewinsky affair.

There is much more incriminating evidence on the public record ensnaring the Clintons, and next week I shall elaborate on Benghazi, where Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and others had sought increased security personnel for months but actually got only a steady decrease in armed guards.

The secretary of state at the time was Hillary, the same Hillary who chided candidate Obama in 2008 for what he might do if an emergency struck the White House in the wee hours of the morn and he was president.

Now it is a matter of fact that when emergency struck, both Hillary and Barack did nothing, and Stevens and three other brave men perished.

My answer to Mr. Romney’s advice offered on “Meet the Press” Sunday is that everyone running for high office has a past that is relevant to the present. Hillary’s past is, if the press does its job, inescapable.

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is editor in chief of the American Spectator and the author of “The Death of Liberalism” (Thomas Nelson, 2012).