- - Thursday, February 20, 2014


There have been huge riots in Kiev, Ukraine, as police, secretly supported by Russian special forces, attempt to remove thousands of demonstrators from Independence Square with tear gas and bullets.

Thus far at least 22 people have been killed, and dozens, if not hundreds, seriously injured. The count is sure to rise as many protesters are being snatched and taken away to be tortured and perhaps killed by their own government.

In Venezuela, anti-government protesters have taken to the streets in the thousands to demand democratic reform.

In Thailand, thousands of anti-government protesters continue their protest for democracy.

In Washington, where President Obama rules by presidential decree, there are no protests. Americans of today are too afraid of their government.

The media, once the protectorate of truth and liberty, now supports the Obama regime and its total disregard for civil rights and the Constitution.

A nation that does not fight for democracy does not deserve its freedom.


Williamsburg, Va.



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