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According to the data, 65 percent of the Association of American Educators support blended-learning environments, where students spend part of their day on a computer and part of their day in a lecture hall.

Additionally, 56 percent of teachers support laws that require students to take at least one online class to graduate. Teachers recognize the flexibility and autonomy technology can provide the profession.

These powerful results demonstrate that teachers unions are out of touch with growing numbers of classroom teachers.

Further evidenced by declining membership numbers and the unions’ own opinion polls, teachers are fleeing the unions for non-union professional associations that offer many of the benefits they need without the union baggage.

In the months ahead as our country considers critical education reforms, policymakers, elected officials, administrators and parents need to know that the union noise opposed to all reform is just that — noise.

More and more classroom teachers are embracing policies that put students ahead of special interests.

Gary Beckner is the founder and executive director of the Association of American Educators.