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Mr. Kessler notes that “her story,” part of which came out during depositions in the Paula Jones case, “changed over time.” Miss Willey, by the way, told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in an interview that aired Wednesday that Hillary Clinton orchestrated smear campaigns against her and other women linked to her husband and that “Hillary Clinton is the real war on women.”

Mr. Kessler concludes that since “no court of law ever found Mr. Clinton guilty of the accusations,” and that Sen. Paul reduced an initial claim that “dozens” of women had come forward to “half a dozen,” that “sexual predator” is an overly “serious charge to make.”

Legally speaking, he might be right, which means Bubba gets off on a technicality. However, most Americans would not have a problem labeling a powerful politician who undeniably committed serial adultery with young women as a “sexual predator.”

Another tough task for liberals is having to defend double standards. Liberals routinely whack men who run afoul of the latest feminist dictates. Still, they give predatory politicians a pass if they deliver the left’s agenda on abortion, gun control, pansexual activism, environmentalism and income redistribution.

One thing I’d like to ask Mr. Kessler, who still built quite a fire here and left it to us to light, is whether he came across any Arkansas state troopers in the course of his research. They might have some arresting insights.

Robert Knight is senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.