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“I collected stories about him from all my cousins, and then we put together a CD and sent it to my grandmother and him and just seeing the joy that they had with that and how happy they were to hear those stories and how ridiculous he found it how we misremembered things - it was just a really joyful process,” Hensel said.

When participants go in for their interviews, they’re often nervous or don’t know what to expect, but when they come out they often continue their conversation.

One of the best feelings for the facilitators is when two participants leave the studio after 40 minutes and are still chatting away about something they’ve never spoken about.

“Often people think that their story doesn’t matter - that they’re not a celebrity, they’re not a politician, so why would anyone care about what they would have to say,” Glaser said. “But with our project we really believe that every story matters and every voice counts. … That’s really what we’re here for.”


Information from: Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily News-Miner,