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“Texas, specifically, I think we’ve all marveled at how they’ve been able to turn the roster over but still keep a high level of talent, and they’re in a tough division,” Giants GM Brian Sabean said.

Moreland made his major league debut midway through the 2010 season after first baseman Justin Smoak was traded to Seattle in the deal that brought Cliff Lee to the Rangers. Moreland was the only Texas player to have a hit in all five World Series games that year against the Giants while hitting .462 (6 of 13).

“Our success over the last few years has kind of contributed to the guys they brought in, and how well we’ve kind of clicked from that day one,” Moreland said.

Washington said the mindset has remained the same if even the players have changed.

“We focus on one thing, baseball, not outside influences,” he said. “No matter what we have to go out there and play with, we’re going to go out there and we’re going to play hard and do what we can do to win ballgames.”