- Associated Press - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NEW YORK (AP) - ABC’s newest comedy “Mixology” isn’t your standard “boy meets girl but obstacles keep them apart for a while” story.

Instead, the first season follows six women and five men who meet in a New York City bar over the course of just one night. (Flashbacks help round out the characters and give them back stories.)

Couples who pair up early on in the beginning might not end up together at the end of the 13-episode season.

“(Co-creator) Jon Lucas calls it a romantic mystery,” said cast member Blake Lee in a recent interview. “You watch a romantic comedy and you know that the two lead characters will at the end of the movie somehow find each other and be in love and this, you might be rooting for two characters at the beginning and then two or three episodes later they’ll meet a different character and you’ll be like, ‘I want to see what happens there!’”

The actors even admit to being surprised by how the story ended up.

“At the beginning we didn’t know who ended up with who, “said co-star Vanessa Lengies, who is best known for her role as Sugar Motta on “Glee.” ”I remember reading the second to last episode and it ended up on a cliffhanger and I was like, gasp!”

“Mixology” is the first TV project for Lucas and Scott Moore, who are behind “The Hangover” films. It premieres Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Lee, Lengies and cast member Andrew Santino, answer questions about their own bar behavior:

AP: What’s your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Blake Lee: “I like a really dirty martini.”

Vanessa Lengies: “I do, too.”

Lee: “She can also drink as much as I can and I’m 6‘2”.”

Andrew Santino: “And when he says as many he means two and then they’re out for the night.”

Lee: “Yeah, we’re lightweights.”

Lengies: “You shouldn’t have more than two.”

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