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Recent editorials from Mississippi newspapers:

Feb. 22

Sun Herald, Biloxi, Miss., on Medicaid expansion’s demise is a shame:

It’s a shame that we can’t take care of our own.

The Mississippi House turned its back on thousands of working poor people in a divisive vote against a bill that would have expanded the state’s Medicaid system, essentially once again turning down millions of dollars from the federal government.

Most Democrats voted for the expansion, most Republicans against it.

Gov. Phil Bryant and his Republican friends in the Legislature say the state cannot afford to expand the program. The state says about 644,000 people are on Medicaid and the House bill would have added 230,000 more.

As it stands if you make more than $5,500 a year, you aren’t eligible. In Mississippi, a full-time minimum wage job pays a little more than $15,000.

How can we not afford to take care of these Mississippians - even if it means an increase in taxes? It would be wonderful if we had higher-paying jobs that would lift these people out of poverty, but we don’t.

We remain one of the poorest states in the nation, a fact that is easily forgotten on the more-prosperous coast.

Every year, the state makes choices on how it will spend our money.

The needs are many. Some expenditures are essential.

Schools. Public safety. And public health.

We think everyone should be able to go to the doctor when they are ill or injured.

Medical care should be a right afforded to everyone in the state, but our state leaders continue to treat it as though it were a luxury, something that is nice . if you can afford it.

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