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In China, authorities cracked down on individuals and organizations, including members of the New Citizens Movement, involved in civil and political rights advocacy.

Human rights violations in North Korea, including the public executions of leader Kim Jong-un’s uncle and his former mistress.

Abuses by security forces in Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

The report was completed before Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled over the weekend in the face of massive protests.

In Ukraine, tens of thousands took to the streets “to demonstrate again the power of people to be able to demand a more democratic and accountable governance, and to stand up even against those who would sniper from roofs and take their lives in the effort to have their voices heard,” Mr. Kerry said.

On Venezuela, where tensions between Washington and Caracas have resulted in a tit-for-tat expulsion of diplomats this month, Mr. Kerry said a solution to the protests against the government “will not be found through violence, but only through dialogue with all Venezuelans in a climate of mutual respect.”

The report also highlights an increase in discrimination against the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community, including anti-gay laws in Nigeria and Uganda.

Such laws contribute to rising violence against gays and their supporters, Mr. Kerry said.