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Denver mayor has to host CNN’s ‘The Lead’ over Super Bowl bet

- The Washington Times - Monday, February 3, 2014

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will have to host an episode of CNN's "The Lead" after losing a Super Bowl bet to host Jake Tapper.

The pair explained their bet via Twitter: "If Seahawks lose, I cover for him, like a temp. If Broncos lose, the Mayor anchors #TheLead," Mr. Tapper said.

The Seahawks dominated the Broncos 43-8 Sunday night, "[a]nd now I get to take a day off with Denver @MayorHancock filling in for me at the anchor desk," the CNN host tweeted after the win.

"Though it would have been fun to be mayor," he said.

Mr. Hancock had just visited New York City, making the media rounds to campaign for bringing the Super Bowl to Colorado next year.

"I'm here to root for the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl," he said Friday. "We also want to bring the Super Bowl to Denver."

"We have the infrastructure to host this event in the future. We have the hotel rooms, the transportation and the stadiums that would make it work. We've hosted events of this scale in the past and have been successful," he said.

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