- - Monday, February 3, 2014


Jennifer Harper is “Inside the Beltway,” but she surely would be an outsider among natives of San Francisco, for calling the city “Frisco” (“Inside the Beltway: So are you already dreaming of CPAC?” Web, Jan. 28).

Tony Bennett did not sing “I Left My Heart in Frisco,” he sang “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” Herb Caen, the beloved columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and chronicler of all things San Francisco, even wrote a book titled “Don’t Call It Frisco,” in which he wrote “‘Frisco’ shows disrespect” and “only tourists call it ‘Frisco.’”

Oh, and he also exhorted us to “never stop correcting,” never stop saying, “Don’t call it Frisco.”

As for me, I traveled an inconvenient distance so that both of my children would be born in San Francisco.


Vienna, Va.



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